Evening Poster Session

Poster NumberTitleSpeakerAffiliationP1Core-Shell Structures of Oligosaccharide-Functionalized Hyperbranched Poly(ethylene imines)R. BienertFederal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM)P2Advancing Global SAXS Data AnalysisP. Heftberger Institute of Molecular Biosciences KFU GrazP3Combination of optical micro-spectroscopy and scattering of biological samples in the presence of inorganic materialsM. JoesterFederal Institute for Materials Research and Testing  (BAM)P4Structure and sorption analysis of wood templated ceramicsR. MorakInstitut für Physik, Montanuniv. LeobenP5Structural and Electronic Properties of Quinacridone on Cu(110): First ResultsM. PachlerInstitute of Solid State Physics, TU GrazP6Feasibility Study for the Observation of the Inverse Piezoelectric Effect by X-ray DiffractionS. Pachmajer Institute of Solid State Physics, TU Graz P7Investigating the Thermal Stability of Dislocations in Semicrystalline Polymers using Synchrotron RadiationG. PoltFaculty of Physics, Physics of Nano-structured Materials,  Univ. WienP8Self Assembling of Colloidal Nanocrystal Solids investigated by in-situ synchrotron SAXS studiesC. PrehalInstitut für Physik, Montanuniv. LeobenP9Bias- and Temperature-dependent Strain Evolution in Nanocrystalline TiAlN Films Studied by X-ray NanodiffractionA. RiedlMaterials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH, (MCL)P10Gunshot residue analysis using TXRFA. WastlAtominstitut, Radiation Physics, TU WienP11Interfacial Structure of an organic Bi-Layer Heterojunction Solar Cell probed with XRRM. ZawodzkiInstitute of Solid State Physics, TU Graz